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Three reasons you should promote yo​ur attendance via social media:

1. It lets pee​rs outside of your immediate network know you'll be there.

This is especially important if one of your conference goals is networking. Many professionals use social media as a way to connect and find solutions to issues they are facing. If your followers know you're going to be at an industry event, they may also try to attend. Think of it as indirectly helping others like you to elevate their knowledge and experience.

2. It helps promote you​r brand/employer.

If your social media accounts are tied to your employer's brand (or your own), the visibility is exponentially increased – without spending a promotional dime. Attending a conference certainly helps in the more traditional sense. Use social media to enhance those goals by embracing your professional online community and followers. This helps you (and your employer) reach audiences you might not otherwise be able to reach.

3. You'll join a growing comm​unity of experts.

Social media provides an additional way to engage your peers before, during, and after AIHA Connect. You can interact with each other well before they leave home. This engagement makes people feel like they are part of the conference, exposing them to people, ideas, and experiences they might not have known about otherwise. And, by being part of that community, it becomes a shared experience that only deepens your knowledge base - which then elevates your own career path.

If AIHA includes you in a tweet or ​response from one of our social pages, retweet, favorite, and/or like it so your colleagues can see it!

When posting on any social media channel about AIHA Connect (AIHA uses FacebookInstagramLinkedInX (formerly known as Twitter), and YouTube), use #AIHAConnect. Don’t forget to link back to the conference website,​. You may also include AIHA’s X handle (@AIHA). And if you are on Instagram, don't forget to tag us in your AIHA Connect posts (@WeAreAIHA).

We suggest posting about your AIHA Connect participation once a week or every two weeks for consistency. Mix up your wording so your posts don’t become repetitive. And don't be afraid to follow the hashtag and interact with others posting about the conference; it's a simple and great way to get excited about everything that's going to happen at the conference!

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