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What You Say About
AIHA Connect

We asked past attendees what they find valuable at AIHA Connect (formerly AIHce EXP). Here's what they said about...


"AIHA Connect does a nice job of bring people together and fostering a collaborative environment. There are also a variety of topics present relevant to different roles.
"AIHA Connect provides a variety of interesting and engaging sessions both applied and scientific/academic in nature."
"The broad range of topics at AIHA Connect allows professionals more flexibility to choose what areas they feel they need more education in. Having new products and different vendors on the expo floor also allows professionals to learn what new products are available, make connections, and receive assistance."
"There is a great blend of learning and fun. Good balance of topics for all professional levels."
"I use AIHA Connect to course correct - make sure I am moving in the direction I should be to best manage my program."
"More sessions now show how to apply the research to every day EHS practitioners. There is some great research going on, and the instructors are able to show how it is applied for us in the field."
"The chance to learn things outside of my immediate specialty and industry and hear perspectives outside my usual circles is what I really love."
"The overall content (PDCs and sessions) is outstanding. I had a hard time deciding what to attend on most days."
"I really enjoy the many different learning sessions. There are so many that I wish I could attend and so I am grateful that they record and make them available later."
"Having so many learning and networking opportunities throughout the three days is above and beyond other conferences that I have attended."

The Expo

"After being in the field for almost 13 years, this was my first opportunity to attend this conference, and while it seemed overwhelming at first, the overall quality was evident right away. What I thought was best was the opportunity to experience new equipment and products on the exhibit floor and the chance to connect with a variety of peers, both with and without certifications, and learn how to further advance my career."
​"The Expo is great to way for attendees to meet face-to-face with companies we use on a routine basis to conduct our jobs. I was able to put faces with names for sales reps from companies I use, which makes our relationship stronger knowing the person you are talking to."
"Love the presence of knowledgeable vendor personnel and actually walking you through the equipment/instruments."
"I got some good ideas from other companies' programs and made a lot of contact with vendors for helpful technology."
"The AIHA Connect Expo provides a forum for safety professionals at all levels to have face-to-face discussions. The in-person exchange is critical to really understanding the issues of the workplace and whether a product for detection, respiratory protection, or other protection is suitable or the best option for specific applications. As a manufacturer, it is extremely helpful to have the opportunity to understand the needs and enable us to better design products accordingly."


"AlHA Connect brings people together who otherwise may not have crossed paths as soon, or ever, to build their businesses and provide tools that are useful."
"The conference connects professionals to each other, provides opportunities for young professionals, showcases an engaging expo with relevant suppliers, provides incredible continuing education opportunities (PDCs, ethics courses) for maintaining certification, and motivates through inspiring speakers at the opening and closing sessions."
"I really love having the opportunity to see fellow IH professionals, continue friendships made over the years, and meeting new professionals entering the IH/OEHS profession."
"Meeting and networking with colleagues, making connections, bringing students and allowing them to present research posters, attending interesting research presentations - I really love it all."
"I was able to meet graduates of my program and people who are working for the company that I am interning with this summer. It was helpful to get advice from these people."
"The best aspect was to network with fellow IHs with similar challenges and collaboratively discuss continual improvement in many aspects of our profession."

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